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Atlanta Rodent Proofing

Rodent Control – Get rid of squirrels, rats & mice.

Georgia Squirrel Removal utilizes non-toxic Atlanta rodent proofing and control methods. A four step process starts with a squirrel inspection and then a trapping program. Third is rodent exclusion to prevent more rodents from replacing rodents that have been caught. Finally, clean up and restoration of rodent waste and mess from attics and walls will be done. Another important step may be removing or adding things to change the habitat to make it less pleasing. Experience counts when it comes to achieving desired results. Georgia Squirrel Removal has what it takes to do the job correctly from start to finish. Below is an explanation of the four step process to a rodent or squirrel free home. Georgia Squirrel Removal is always working to achieve the most efficient job possible. This helps maintain a more affordable rate for the client.

1. Inspection

Rodent Proofing AtlantaA sensible rodent control program must employ practical methods that are relatively straight-forward and effective. The successful Atlanta squirrel removal and Atlanta rodent proofing of an infestation in or around a dwelling usually depends on three separate components. These components are removal of the rodents, sanitation of the rodent nesting areas and squirrel exclusion or rodent proofing. Rodent proofing is sealing the entry points which includes reinforcing vulnerable areas. Georgia Squirrel Removal begins every Atlanta rodent proofing & removal job with a thorough inspection of the structure and property. During the crucial inspection, Georgia Squirrel Removal will not only determine what rodent is causing the problem and how to get rid of the animals that are entering the structure, but also detect all of the harborage areas.

2. Trapping

This is a necessary first step in the implementation of a squirrel control and Atlanta rodent proofing program. Trapping helps eradicate your animal problem. Squirrel trapping shouldn’t be the sole method to eliminate squirrel, rat or other rodents in the attic, walls, basement or crawl space. Repairs, in conjunction with trapping, are needed to ensure lasting success. One problem with indiscriminately catching squirrels, rats or mice, is that you cannot be certain you have caught all of the critters that have been visiting the attic, living in the crawlspace or making noise in the wall or other areas.

3. Repairs and exclusion

Rodent proofing a building consist of eliminating a structure’s defects to remove squirrels’ access to the interior. Sealing off, reinforcing and repairing entry points is essential for long-term protection of the building. If trapping is the only control program implemented, all the target animals may not all be caught, these squirrels will attempt to come back. Unless the structure is PROPERLY repaired to eliminate entry points, the problem will recur when new animals find these weak points. Georgia Squirrel Control will find all the defects and perform the necessary reinforcing, repairs and exclusion.

4. Clean-up and decontamination

Droppings, nesting material, animal carcasses, food and other debris accumulate rapidly when squirrels have lived in your home’s attic or wall for any length of time. No Atlanta rodent proofing job is complete until the areas are cleaned, deodorized, repaired and restored to like-new condition. Learn more about this service in squirrel and rodent dropping cleanup and attic insulation replacement.

Georgia Squirrel Removal services all of greater Atlanta. We will come to your home or business and do a site inspection. We will give you an estimate for Atlanta rodent proofing and squirrel exclusion. You will be given a copy of our warranty for exclusion work, and we will answer any questions you may have. We will then set traps for removal. Our years of experience and thousands of successful exclusion jobs have given us the ability to go far beyond our competitors’ ability to do what it takes. We know how to keep any wildlife out of any structure.

Georgia Squirrel Removal not only specializes in the removal of squirrels and Atlanta rodent proofing, but we also provide bird control in Cobb and Fulton, raccoon removal Cobb and Fulton, rat pest control for Cobb, Fulton , Cherokee and Forsyth, rodent pest control for greater Atlanta, dead animal removal For Marietta, Alpharetta and Roswell and snake control. We are strictly a wildlife removal company. Providing safe and effective wildlife removal is our only focus.

Atlanta Rodent Proofing, Control, Trapping and Extermination Questions?

Are you having a problem with squirrels nesting in your home’s walls or attic? Would you like an inspection from our dedicated wildlife control professionals? Please contact our knowledgeable office staff today! Georgia Squirrel Removal knows how to get rid of rats, flying squirrels in the wall, gray squirrel noises, mice in the walls, chipmunks in the attic and other rodents. We can remove them from your home’s attic or your property and garden. Or, if you have a general question regarding greater Atlanta rodent control, feel free to send us an email or give us a call. We provide free estimates for all Wildlife Removal and Animal Removal problems.

Areas We Service

If you live in North Fulton and need Alpharetta squirrel removal services, Johns Creek squirrel removal services, Roswell squirrel removal services, or the newer city Milton squirrel removal we are only a phone call away.

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We also provide Sandy Springs squirrel removal, as well as Dunwoody and all other cities in the North Metro Atlanta, Georgia area.

Georgia Squirrel Removal technicians specialize in determining what the noise is in your attic or wall. Don’t hesitate to call today!