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Georgia Squirrel Habits and Habitats

Historically, tree squirrels nest in large trees with hollow centers or build a nest from leaves similar to a bird nest. Today, these ideal nesting sites are in short supply so squirrels are sometimes forced to shelter in buildings and home attics and crawlspaces.

Squirrels are classified as rodents. Rodents are mammals in the order rodentia, all rodents are distinguished by their two endlessly growing incisors. Rodents front teeth are used for gnawing, eating food and self-defense.

Georgia-squirrel-habitatsThere are over 250 species of squirrels worldwide. There are two types in Georgia; they are classified as ground squirrels and tree squirrels. Species that live in trees and your attic, are arboreal (flying squirrels and gray squirrels), while others are ground-dwelling (chipmunks) and dig burrows or live in crawl spaces

Squirrels are members of the Sciuridae family. Species in this family have five fingers on their posterior feet and four fingers on their front feet. They have comparatively large ears and thick body fur. Their bodies are slender and tails are furred.

The two most common tree squirrel removal services are southern flying squirrel control and the eastern gray squirrel removal. The most common ground squirrel removal service is chipmunk trapping and control.

A squirrels diet consists of oak tree acorns, hickory nuts, flower buds and seeds and typically any other number of nuts and seeds they may forage for. A lot of homes in the greater Atlanta, GA area may provide a perfect feeding environment for squirrels without the homeowner’s knowledge.

Trees overhanging roofs may deposit food in the gutters and roof valleys. Bird feeders supply many animals with food. Also counties like Cobb, Cherokee, Fulton and Forsyth are renowned for their landscape. These landscapes may produce excellent sources of nutrition for these squirrels.